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Hi, I'm Brandon!

This is about me, and not to fulfill my ego.

I am a technologist with unprecedented experience in all aspects of technology. My focus is taking a wholistic view of a business and implementing methodologies to improve scalability, performance, design, and user experience; resulting in reduced costs, labor, and errors. I love taking on new challenges and expanding my experience in all levels of technology.


Asp.Net Core RESTful Web API - Repository Data Sculpting

Let's face it: we have all experienced that when it comes to the UI layer, not every field in a data table is necessary. In fact, it can have detrimental impact to the speed of an application if that dataset is large. I had a task to reduce the weight of data being passed through architecture layers, and in this article I am going to talk through a snippet of code that I put together to solve that issue while complying with the Repository and RESTful patterns.

Azure DevOps Pipelines - How to cancel multiple pending jobs

While I was working on migrating a number of my services to use OData rather than a custom data sculpting solution that I had built, I paused a few of my pipelines to reduce the build/deployment times. BAD MISTAKE!I ended up with hundreds of queued jobs waiting for me to un-pause the pipelines. Sure I could go and click the ellipse for each of the jobs in each of the pipelines and then select "Cancel" and then confirm it by clicking "yes".... but come on, that would be an absolute waste of time. This is where PowerShell came in.


Currently I am working on restructuring the entire infrastructure for a company rated by Forbes to be in the top 5 of world companies. This is a wholistic replacement of legacy applications and datastores that have been built for decades.

I haven't always been in technology, that would be too simple.


I have sales experience in the Mobile, Telecommunication, Business Services, and Automobile industries.


I have had the priviledge to manage some great personnel over the years. Teams have ranged from sales to technology, from onsite to overseas, from small to large.

I don't want to spend too much time on these subject here, but feel free to check out my Resume or visit my  LinkedIn.

Every so often, I step away from the technology and enjoy nature.
It's okay to follow me, I don't mind.  

Giving back to the community.

I have had the pleasure to be a member of the board for Branch Ministries for a number of years. It is our mission to help women overcome the burdens of the past.

I also love helping the youth in the community, and am always willing to counsel individual or group youths. Please visit my Contact page to book a conference.

When I'm not changing the world through technology, I spend my time with the ladies.

These are the ladies that bring the humanity and humility out in me, otherwise I would become a mindless robot. I am so blessed with each and everyone of these beautiful ladies, they truly help me be the best I can be.

*watch out... I'm teaching them everything they need to be dominant in technology.

Current Technologies

I have an extensive list of technologies that I have directly worked with. Here is a list of the most common technologies that I find myself using currently.





I'm always up for a new challenge.

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