A Software Architect ~ In Perspective

In this document, I will discuss the software architect, both in relation to philosophical perspective and technical prowess. I intend to encapsulate the purpose of the role with regards to software development, business processes, standardization and leadership among other topics. The goal of a architect is simple: create a blueprint to develop a software suite that will be durable, dependable, scalable, and ever evolving. Read more...

Asp.Net Core RESTful Web API - Repository Data Sculpting

Let's face it: we have all experienced that when it comes to the UI layer, not every field in a data table is necessary. In fact, it can have detrimental impact to the speed of an application if that dataset is large. I had a task to reduce the weight of data being passed through architecture layers, and in this article I am going to talk through a snippet of code that I put together to solve that issue while complying with the Repository and RESTful patterns. Read more...
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