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professional summary

Forward thinking self-motivated technologist with over two decades of experience specializing in leading high performance multi-disciplinary teams from requirement gathering through successful product delivery. Accustomed to managing multiple projects, teams, and priorities in fast-paced environments to drive business growth. With experience in all avenues of technology and implementation, and a strong desire for success, I bring a unique level of expertise and experience to any business..


President's Award 2019

Recognized for pushing the business forward through new Agile practices and the new Architectural designs.

President's Award 2018

Recognized for leadership in the role of leading the IT team into the future.

Rising Star

Recognized for continuously going above and beyond the expected.


Management Information Systems & Business Administration
(08/31/2000 - 05/31/2005)
Utah State University - Logan, Ut

I completed extensive course work in: Application Development, Computer Systems Management, Computer Programming, Website Development, Network Administration, Office Systems, Business Management, Hardware Maintenance.

professional experience

Infrastructure Architecture Manager & DevOps Manager (03/01/2021 - Present)
Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies - Sacramento, CA

  • Designed a hub-and-spoke architecture supporting multiple environments and a baseline zero trust structure. This architecture was designed to create a platform that was nimble and secure for moving our organization into Azure.
  • Trained and led a team of engineers from our networking, systems, database admins, and security groups to build out a robust landing zone in our Azure Cloud platform.
  • Led a team of DevOps engineers to implement a series of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) systems. Leveraging Terraform, CLI, PowerShell, and Azure DevOps (ADO)
  • Defined and evangelized the role of DevSecOps within the BHHC organization to assist us in doing "more things faster".
Git SQL Server Azure App Service Azure Cloud Storage Azure DevOps Automation Agile Security Network DNS System Design Cloud Cloud Migration Standards and Practices Software Development Life Cycle HIPAA PII PHI Workflow Architecture Insurance Training Leadership Product Delivery Interdepartmental Communication Implementation Management Active Directory Team Building Vendor Management Partner Management Budgeting Staffing Staff Structuring Risk Management Compliance Microsoft Exchange ITAM Design Patterns Distributed Services DevOps Terraform ARM Azure Resource Manager Salesforce
Enterprise Architect (06/01/2017 - 03/01/2021)
Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies - Sacramento, CA

  • Design processes and requirements to assist in improving and maintaining existing code base to continue and improve business operations. The existing code base is comprised of 100’s of projects ranging in source from C++ WebCGI applications with INI support files, to Delphi (Pascal), MVC, SSRS, Crystal Reports, .Net WinForms, SQL, CLR, and to XML Web Services.
  • Assist in transforming from Waterfall SDLC to Agile Methodologies, including changing the mindset of what an application consists of through the Agile process. Working with t he product owners, developers, and testers to better understand what the shift to Agile means and how we can work together to reach our end goal.
  • Design, develop, and implement new .Net Core MVC applications with the goal of replacing legacy applications and moving the business into modern technologies. These applications will all interface with the .Net Core Gateway API to populate their data or perform operations. These applications will be based off of the Bootstrap 4 framework with Kendo UI support objects.
  • Implement a centralized repository for companywide branding and design standards for all new web products. This product was built with .Net Core 2 and SCSS and implements a standardized display for implementation examples.
  • Implement code methodologies that will allow future modifications to the existing databases to bring them into current standardization guidelines and best practices.
  • Design, develop, document, and deploy security methods that will enhance existing systems and bring the entire infrastructure into compliance with all Federal and State regulatory bodies, as well as increasing the security for the end user and client data. This is done with the modified implementation of Microsoft Identity 2.0 and JWT Tokens.
  • Implemented the first ever Architecture Ask Me Anything (AMA) to help broaden the exposure of the architecture roles within the organization.
  • Designed and implemented the API Architecture Review Board to assist the organization in managing the microservice architecture.
  • Implemented the first ever BHHC Hackathon to help promote individual thought and innovation.
.Net .Net Core C# Entity Framework TFS Git Javascript JQuery Visual Studio Bootstrap JSON XML TSQL HTML CSS Code First SSRS SQL Server Azure App Service RESTful CLR Azure Cloud Storage Azure DevOps Ajax LESS SCSS CSV Razor Automation WSDL Dapper Swagger Identity Core JWT Web Services Delphi (Pascal) WebCGI Agile ORM Web Api MVC Distributed Services Azure Resource Manager
Enterprise Architect Consultant (01/01/2017 - Present)
Gillett Diesel - Bluffdale, UT

  • Design, architect, develop, implement a modern e-commerce application.
  • Plan, implement, test and facilitate the migration of existing system from NetworkSolutions.
  • Design, implement, and collaborate with vendor 1stPayGateway to facilitate inline embedded payment services.
  • Architect and implement an Azure infrastructure for cloud based scalability and high availability of new e-commerce platform.
.Net .Net Core C# Entity Framework TFS Javascript JQuery Visual Studio Bootstrap JSON CSS Code First SQL Server Azure App Service Ajax SSL LESS SCSS Razor Identity Core ORM MVC Security Requirement Gathering System Design Cloud Cloud Migration Standards and Practices Software Development Life Cycle PII Architecture Product Delivery Implementation Management Generics Troubleshooting Risk Management Design Patterns
Director of Information Technology (04/01/2010 - 06/01/2017)
Employer Driven Solutions –Formerly BEN-E-LECT - Visalia, CA

  • The planning, implementation, organization, and oversight of the migration from a POTS telephoneservice to a ShoreTel VOIP system. This also included the migration from a T1 service to a Cable with tandem Point-to-Point for secure remote connections for a Mid-Market Insurance firm with many locations and external agents and agencies
  • Infrastructure migration that involved the existing multiple-role server system converting into a single-role virtualized solution running in Hyper-V. The servers have been migrated from Windows Server 2003 through 2016 over my tenure. These migrations included all aspects of a Microsoft based domain foundation, including: Active Directory (including the connection of internal AD to Azure AD); Virtual Private Networking (VPN); Distributed File System (DFS); Group Policy; Application Server; SQLServer 2004 through 2016; Exchange 2007 through 2016.
  • Migration of proprietary applications and internal hardware systems to the Azure cloud, including AD, SQL Server, App Services, Email Services. This was a multi-tenant migration as our business had already started the separation process. This meant that the mingling of all users access and interfacing had to be carefully implemented in accordance with the business’ need to create concrete separation between entities, even while in the same cloud structure.
  • To meet the growing requirements of our expanding organization, we shifted from a single domain forest to a multi-domain forest for our Exchange, DFS, and AD components to support the co-existence of multiple organizations. This organizational method succeeded in ensuring separation of organization, while maintaining an invisible feel to the end user.
  • With over 100 different vendors and partners, there was the need to establish required data transmissions to and from these vendors and partners. Using Visual Studios .Net Windows Service and multiple Class projects in C#, I replaced the legacy Batch File/Windows Scheduled Task method of transmission to a more modern, effective, and trackable automated service that continuously runs, maintaining compliance and vendor requirements. This is a data driven automation service written in C# with class libraries thathousethe code for the .Net 4.0 Entity Framework (SQL Server connection to our 3 different database servers housing our nearly 20 different SQL Server databases) data layers and subsequent logic operations for their related data libraries. While the Automator project itself is built with its own singular SQL Database connect for its data driven instructions, all other logic and data libraries are loaded and called through reflection driven off the data instructions. This was done to reduce the maintenance overhead of changes to this core system. The tasks involved in this service consist of: Extract/Export, Import, NCPDP, X12, SSH, FTP, Backup, data based DevExpress XtraReport generation, Email/SMTP, conversion, and more. These projects migrated from being source controlled with Source Gear Vault initially, to an internal Team Foundation Server, and finally to Cloud Based Visual Studio Team Services.
  • Ensure that all systems and protocols comply with the regulations of multiple organizations including: Federal and California based DOI, DOJ, DOL; HIPAA, PCI, NAIC, FIO; as well as any partner and/or vendor requirements based on scope of relationship.
  • As a pet project, based on business needs, I built a large-scale C# ASP.NET MVC Razor web portal. This portal had the need to allow employees and their families, employer groups (our direct clients), insurance brokers, health care providers, and our partners access to the relevant health care information that we have processed. This portal was built with the data libraries that are used throughout the businesses other applications providing access to all SQL Server databases and their data. A messaging component was also built into the system, with canned and open responses allowed based on permissions. This portal had to provide the utmost level of security, which I created a wrapper for ASP.NET Identity (which was migrated to Identity 2) that would allow action based authorization tied to the user’s role and/or the user themselves; this was also a data driven wrapper to alleviate the need to republish the application if a roles access was adjusted. There is a strong infusion of JavaScript and JQuery throughout to provide an in-depth search and graphic representation. Extensive helpers were created to improve upon the reusability of views and actions, many of these being used in conjunction with AJAX calls to compartmentalize data loads for optimization purposes. Because of the volume of data that we present, optimization was key. Most of the increases in speed were found in a custom method of using reflection to limit the query calls to SQL based on View Models and mapping through C# helper methods built into the support library of the application and referencing this in each data layer. Also, to keep the overhead down, limited 3rd party frameworks were used. This was built with Bootstrap 3.3, with jQuery, x-Editable, DropZone, and font-awesome. Overall design was accomplished with my interpretation of Google Material Design documentation coupled with Bootstrap LESS and adjusted through a centralized LESS file.
.Net .Net Core C# Entity Framework TFS Javascript JQuery Visual Studio Bootstrap HTML CSS Code First SQL Server Azure App Service SSL LESS Razor Automation Identity Core Agile MVC Security Network DNS Requirement Gathering System Design Cloud Cloud Migration Standards and Practices Software Development Life Cycle HIPAA PII PHI Architecture Insurance Training Leadership Product Delivery Interdepartmental Communication Active Directory Team Building Vendor Management Partner Management Budgeting Staffing Product Structuring Troubleshooting Risk Management Compliance Microsoft Exchange VoIP Design Patterns ASP.Net Threading ETL DevOps
Manager of Technology (04/01/2010 - 01/01/2012)
Employer Driven Solutions –Formerly BEN-E-LECT - Visalia, CA

  • To meet the demands of our clients’ needs, I directed the development of a C# WinForms application that tied into our Entity Framework ORM. The purpose of this application was to scrape third-party web applications and OCR the data and download supporting documents to process claims in a significantly more time efficient manner.
Software Developer III (03/01/2010 - 04/01/2010)
Employer Driven Solutions –Formerly BEN-E-LECT - Visalia, CA

  • Cross application data access was achieved with Entity Framework (edmx) technology, that I developed a C# wrapper library to provide required control and implementations directly in the data layer. The result of these libraries can be very similarly compared to the Code First version of Entity Framework. When Entity Framework 6 came out with .Net 4.5, I began replacing my custom LINQ to Objects layer with the newly improved Code First.
  • The need of a centralized method of access to our elaborate data systems for our staff was urgent. Resulting in the creation of: Primary Functionality Base (PFB). Which is a C# WinForms MDIapplication that was originally designed to provide this singular access point while replacing a piecemeal Visual Basic application for internal staff to use for daily processes. The solution for this includes 41 Dynamic Link Libraries (built with mostly C#, however there are components that are written in C++). This solution shares its data and process libraries with the Automator when applicable, but adds a GUI layer that is inherited from a few DevExpress components. Adobe and Microsoft Office are also embedded and controlled through C#/C++ api calls in their required areas to support document creation and maintenance from with the application itself, relieving the technical requirements of the end user. This solution was migrated through both our internal Team Foundation and the Visual Studio Team Services for its source control.
  • Utilizing C#, CSS, DevExpress and SQL Server built an ASP.NET Web From site that would easily plug in to place with our existing Drupal website, giving our clients the ability to upload, download, or enter information while not changing the content of the main site. This was a full stack application, but only fitting niche content areas of an existing application. This application was strong in SQL queries that were called through ADO.NET connections.
  • Full stack design, development, and implementation of a RESTful API with supporting documentation front end for internal application data access consolidation. This solution utilized the C# version of the ASP.NET Web API in combination with the EF Code First data connection layers to streamline the extensive database connections and datasets that all our systems utilize. Providing responses in the expected: JSON and XML; as well as also creating custom export formats ranging from PDF to X12 5010 to Excel. This API portal has 256 SSL encryption to ensure data protection during transit and is hosted on one of our internal virtual web servers running Windows Server 2016 Internet Information Services (IIS) 10.0.
  • Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) is key to our operations. I had to migrate Visual Basic WinForm application into C# that managed the ETL processes as they continued to grow. This system, while composed of C#, required more SQL queries and Stored Procedures than C#. These queries and procedures would take from a flat file non-normalized system, and convert the data into a relational database, while also joining in existing data as well as data from other sources. The work of this application was performed in SQL queries and SQL Bulk Copy, while the C# GUI and Service handled the operation of the SQL.
Partner - Principal Developer (03/01/2009 - 03/01/2010)
GMO Developing - Visalia, CA

  • Led design and development of custom Web, Desktop, and Mobile Applications, to meet and exceed client needs and requests. The tools used in this role were based on client requirements. They ranged across all operating systems, many languages (C#, PHP, JQuery, C++, Objective-C), running multiple environments (Visual Studios, Eclipse, X-Code, Adobe), accessing database in multiple environments (SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLlite), building WinForms, WebForms, Windows Service, iOS, and Android applications to meet the needs as the client had specified. Many times these were full-stack implementations, with plenty of code replacement or insertion opportunities as well
  • Led client based planning meetings to develop strategies for implementations. Many times these meetings would start with a clients statement: “I think I want…”, which I would then lead them in the direction to determine what they actually did want.
  • Drove client decisions through utilizing wire-framing, story boarding, and market research.
  • This opportunity also required my direct involvement in our whole business process (Leads, Sales, Management, Finance, Development, Testing, etc...).
Javascript HTML CSS PHP Flash Objective-C iPhone Android
Web Application Developer (03/01/2006 - 08/01/2006)
RealSource Inc. - Salt Lake City, UT

  • Developed web application with database interaction using C# and MSSQL to allow users to input new information and allow for modifications to existing data for an online property management suite.
.Net C# Javascript Visual Studio HTML CSS SQL Server SSL Requirement Gathering System Design
Application Developer (01/01/2006 - 02/01/2009)
Canon - Formerly CaseData - Bountiful, UT

  • Modified existing C# based WinForm and Window Service applications to correct errors, upgrade interfaces and improve performance.
  • Develop and integrate a universal document processing component for existing web and desktop applications with a combination of C# and C++ creating an Active Template Library (ATL) tool that can be embedded in any application type. This tool need to read any document type (doc, txt, xls, pdf, Lotus, etc…) and read that document content while simultaneously presenting its best interpretation of its native look. Allowing the user to save any remarks or pinpoint key elements for review.
  • Rebuild the primary data migration solution for effective optimization. This was a C# desktop application that would take up to 7 days to process, duplicate, move, and import large (Terabytes) of information between our development environments and production environments based on the specification of the production development team. It was also my task to remove the need of the development staff to provide 24 hour supervision of the process by reducing errors. To optimize and remove the staffed oversite Page 5 of 6 requirement of the solution: I implemented intelligent error correction methodologies; moved the solution into a dynamic mutli-threaded environment; and separated some of the processes into separate service applications for co-processing. After the revisions, the process that took up to 7 days to complete was now complete in 15 minutes, effectively reducing the time to .001 percent of it’s original.
  • Utilized multiple languages to create interfacing between multiple systems.
  • Consulted directly with the executive staff to create standards for new client implementations
  • Direct software design and development of new OCR and complete document review components for both our client facing web as well as our internal quality control staff.
  • Create interfacing components that will directly connect to both our internal systems and third party systems including: Lotus Notes, Exchange, Office, WordPerfect, and other data storage methods.
.Net C# Visual Studio HTML SQL Server Automation C++ ATL ASP ASP.Net Threading Deduplication ETL
Technical Site Manager (01/01/2003 - 01/01/2004)
Utah State University Distance Education - Monticello, UT

  • Ensured proper distance education site functionality to meet the student and faculty needs.
  • Designed, developed, and maintained a student resource scheduling application.
  • Ensured network’s optimal performance and security.
  • Created effective communication channels between satellite, cable, internet, and telephone systems.
.Net C# Visual Studio Network System Design Active Directory Team Building
Lead Web Developer (01/01/2001 - 01/01/2003)
NoThing Developing - Southern, UT

  • Led a small team of entry level developers and interns in the development of HTML based websites for local clients.
  • Fostered personal growth for the team in both best design and development practices.
  • Tested and reviewed code and approved for production.
  • Worked directly with clients to design and develop websites to further grow their companies in the rapidly expanding web market.
  • Identified and eliminated website bugs to improve user experience.
C# Javascript Visual Studio HTML CSS WebCGI Requirement Gathering Leadership Product Delivery Team Building Design Patterns C++

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